Statistical OLAP Tools

At Prometheus Information, our BI solutions include high-speed interactive Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)¬†applications that enable users to easily create tables, graphs and maps with user defined fields and dimensions ‘on the fly’ to quickly answer queries.

OLAP software enables large datasets to be ‘sliced and diced’; users are able to take out (slice) a specific set of data from the OLAP cube and view (dice) the slices from different viewpoints. This allows ad hoc data mining to facilitate high quality business analysis and informed business decision making.

Examples of our OLAP Prometheus Business Intelligence (PBI) software include:

  • HealthWIZ: containing a wide range of population health data from mortality and hospitalization to dementia prevention
  • MedicareWIZ: used in the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) with Medicare data
  • CasemixWIZ: used in DoHA with the Casemix national hospital data collections
  • ELVIS: a solution that contains dataset on child development and learning