BI Technology & Expertise

Our business reporting platform combines inhouse BI technologies with third-party software to build systems that provide at-a-glance personalised, interactive dashboards, and enable clients to quickly and easily analyse data for business reporting and informed decision making via a single-integrated platform.

We provide, implement and support our complete BI reporting platform from data warehousing, extract-transform-load (ETL) tools to tailored end-user capabilities. Features of this include:

  • Corporate reports and dashboards – our BI reporting software integrates the industry¬† leading Yellowfin BI solution to enable personalised, interactive ad hoc reports and dashboards to view tables, maps and graphs in a familiar and easy-to-understand layout, which are accessible from desktop and mobile (Apple and Android) devices.

We also offer the Yellowfin BI platform as a standalone product for clients who are seeking ad hoc reporting and dashboarding capabilities only. To support this, Prometheus offer services to setup the necessary backend environment including a data warehouse (to store data for analysis and reporting) and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools (to populate the data warehouse).

Our BI solutions include customised BI Extensions – additional applications that extend the value of corporate BI and deliver new forms of analysis such as fraud detection or specific analysis.

Our solutions are built on a range of tools and capabilities.

Examples include of our BI solutions include the following.

  • A reporting environment for HAMBS health funds that seamlessly integrate in-house built OLAP tools and Yellowfin BI.
  • An OLAP solution that calculates Australian small area mortality statistics by socioeconomic status from 1987 to present for the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU).
  • A customised BI extention – APPRAISE – an automated system to determine the risk of fraud and claims abuse of individuals who transact with a health fund based on probability measures.