Specialist BI Applications

We develop desktop software and web applications to solve business problems, visualise data and support statistical analysis. This includes customised BI extensions that enable new forms of analysis to complement our BI reporting platform. We provide ongoing support for all of our software and solutions.

We use Windows, Linux and web applications to develop software applications using C++, Delphi, Perl, JavaScript, VBA, PHP and CSS.

Examples of our specialist BI software applications include desktop OLAP tools and extensions, web applications and supporting data processing and data management software.

OLAP tools and extensions

We develop client specific desktop solutions using our in-house built OLAP tools to enable ad hoc data mining and analysis. These tools are complemented by customised BI extensions to visulaise data, enable new forms of statistical analyses or automate user processes.

Web applications

Web application solutions are delivered through a web interface and are therefore accessible from desktop and mobile devices, and available on all operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc).

Data processing software

Our OLAP tools, BI extensions and web applications are supported by our in-house built data processing software. These are typically written using Perl or C++.


Examples of our OLAP solutions, BI extensions and web applications include the following.

  • APPRAISE: a health insurance fraud detection web application that utilises multiple probability-based measures to rank suspicious activities of providers and members. The measures are combined to identify networks of highly suspicious providers and members.
  • Mailout: a custom BI extension that complements APPRAISE by automating the process of preparing health provider’s profile reports to be sent to providers. Mailout also identifies providers that are outliers in terms of behaviour conducive of claims abuse, and therefore requires further investigation. 
  • ELVIS: software that integrates dashboards, reports and datasets on more than 30 topics related to child education and development. ELVIS enables policy analysts to browse predefined reports and dashboards or create their own tables, graphs and maps using the Prometheus statistical OLAP tool.