Yellowfin BI

We partner Yellowfin and seamlessly integrate its award winning BI into our reporting systems to provide users with personalised dashboards and reports that are accessible from mobile devices.

Yellowfin BI components enable the following end-user features:

Yellowfin Interactive Dashboards

Personalised, interactive dashboards configured from multiple data sources enable Health Fund clients to view the current status and historical trends of their organisation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in just a glance.

Yellowfin’s interactive dashboards allow users to easily apply filters and drill to further detail within the browser.

Data Visualisations

Yellowfin BI enables users to add and change between more than 40 chart types – from sophisticated trellis charts to popular line and bar charts. These visualisations allow users to easily identify outlier groups and observe data trends. Such are further complemented by Yellowfin’s handy widgets, which include time scale sliders and traffic light guages.

Proactive Alerts

Yellowfin BI enables real-time alerts to be triggered based on the latest business data. Reports can be emailed, or alerts pushed to phone or tablet devices so that users can take immediate action.

Report and Dashboard Builder

Users are able to easily create and share reports and dashboards across the whole business or to selected users.

Sharing and collaboration

Users are able to place comments on actual reports and graphs, or participate in discussion threads that can be added to reports and dashboards.

Data Mapped

Yellowfin’s award winning Location Intelligence allows BI data to be integrated with GIS mapping capabilities to visualise BI and spatial data simultaneously.


With the integration of Yellowfin’s Mobile BI apps, our clients are able to access their latest reports and dashboards from their smart phones or tablet devices (both Apple and Android products). Our multi-tiered security system assures that our clients’ data is secure. Download the Yellowfin app (containing sample data) to your mobile devices from the Apple or Android stores to experience this software first-hand.

Contact Prometheus for more information about our BI reporting software. For more information about the Yellowfin components of Prometheus’ integrated BI solution, please visit the Yellowfin website.